PWA Platform of IQ Option

PWA Platform IQ Option

The recent contribution of IQ Option to the financial market is trading on PWA. PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps, where the user gets an App like experience through modern browsers. So the traders don’t have to download IQ Option Apps on to their desktops or Android device for trading. All they have to do is to click Add To Home Screen to start using PWA. Addition of PWA brings instant access to investing, anytime, and anywhere.

PWA IQ Option

What is PWA? Why is it preferred over Apps?

PWA is the acronym of Progressive Web Apps. The modern browsers give the features and functionality of an App through PWA. The significant advantage of PWA is that it need not be downloaded to the device. It is just saved to the homepage and opened to get a complete app-like experience. PWA is compatible with Windows10 devices and Android devices.

Speed and Responsiveness of PWA

PWA offers quick and fast access to the IQ Option trading platform and it is responsive to different screen sizes. It works fine on Desktop, Laptops and Mobile Phones.

It is not yet compatible with iOS, and Mac. Check the detailed review of IQ Option.