Binary Options UAE – Binary Options Brokers Review

Binary Options is the only kind of financial trading instrument that gives up to 92%* return on each successful trade. The higher return on investment comes with a higher risk to your capital. You can learn more about Binary Options UAE and increase your chances of success while trading. Open a Free Demo Account and start practicing with $10,000 demo money, for Free.

Binary Options UAE - Binary trading UAE

Digital Options, Fixed Times Trades, and Binary Options trading looks quite simple to understand and trade, but it carries high risks of losing the capital. Binary Options UAE offer a higher payout of up to 70% – 95% * return on your investment instantly for a successful trade. But, if you lose the trade, you lose 100% of your invested amount. Hence, while trading Binary Options in UAE, the traders must understand the risks involved. To become successful in Binary Options trading in the UAE, you must practice proper risk management and trade with discipline while protecting your capital.

For practicing Binary Options trading in UAE, you must trade in a demo trading account with the best binary brokers in UAE and know all aspects of it. IQ Option offers a free demo trading account to binary traders from UAE with a free $10,000 virtual money. You can make use of their demo account to try their advanced trading features without risking any real money.  Open a demo account with IQ Option for Binary trading UAE and start practicing today.

This website dedicates itself to provide you with some useful information that can help you start binary trading in UAE successfully.

* Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

Which are the Best Binary Options Brokers in Dubai, UAE in 2024?

Out of hundreds of Binary Options Broker, only a few brokers stand apart for their service quality, trustworthiness, and reliability. The best brokers to trade Binary Options in UAE are IQ Option, Olymp Trade, and Quotex as per the analysis.

While trading binary options in UAE, selecting the right broker is essential and a deciding factor in your success. You must choose the broker with an excellent track record and service standards. The payouts also vary from broker to broker. You should select the broker with the highest payout while considering the trustworthiness and service quality of the broker. We have analyzed a few brokers with the global reputation of service excellence and trustworthiness, which may help you select the right broker for Binary Options trading in the UAE. Here are a few recommended binary brokers in the UAE.


iqoption demo


Binary options brokers in Dubai, UAE

IQ Option
  • Trusted broker since 2014
  • Forex, CFD, and Binary Options
  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Minimum trade amount $1
  • Up to 91* payout
  • Quick account activation
  • Free Demo Account with $10,000 virtual money
Pocket Option
  • Legitimate trading platform
  • Binary Options and Fixed Time Trades
  • Bonus Deposit available
  • Up to 95%* payout
  • Free Demo trading account
  • Excellent Platform features
  • Available on all devices
Quotex UAE
  • Reliable trading platform
  • Digital Option trading
  • Start with as low as $10
  • Options contract on Crypto, Currency, Stocks, and Metals
  • Up to 95% payout
  • Free unlimited demo
  • Bonus deposit available
Expert Option UAE
  • VFSC Regulated
  • The account starts with $10
  • Fixed Times Trades 
  • Bonus deposit available
  • Market analysis and strategies
  • Up to 95% payout
  • Free demo and training

Binary Options UAE – Recommended Brokers UAE

While looking for a trustworthy binary broker in UAE, we must consider its reputation in the industry, trustworthiness, and payout percentages. The ease of trading, deposit, and withdrawal also plays an important role in selecting the right binary broker in Dubai and UAE.

IQ Option

Binary trading UAE

IQ Option is one of the most trusted brokers having many satisfied customers in the UAE. It is one of the most trusted online trading platform and has earned a respectable position in the industry. Additionally, it provides Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency trading in the same account. The compliance team completes the due diligence in a quick and hassle-free way. Hence you get to trade and withdraw your profits without any complication.

The recent addition feature IQ Option traders get is the all-new PWA trading platform to traders. IQ Option is first among the few brokers bringing this technology to its traders. PWA stands for Progressive Web App, which uses modern web browser capability to offer you an App-like experience. The trader does not have to install any Apps from PlayStore or Appstore.

We recommend IQ Option due to the following factors, keeping in view the requirements of Binary traders in UAE.

Best Binary Broker in UAE – IQ Option

  • Quick account verification, fast deposit, and withdrawal of fund
  • Award-winning trading platform with advanced features
  • Trade multiple financial instruments on the same platform
  • Web, Android, iOS and Windows based trading platform
  • Trade anytime any where with IQ Option Apps

Binary Options vs Forex and Stocks trading

Forex trading, binary options trading, and stock trading are all different types of trading that people can participate in to potentially make a profit. Forex trading involves buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market. Binary options trading involves predicting whether the value of an asset will increase or decrease within a certain timeframe. Stock trading involves buying and selling shares of publicly traded companies. Each type of trading has its own risks and rewards, and it is important for individuals to do their research and understand the market before investing their money. It is also important to note that trading involves a level of risk, and individuals should never invest more than they can afford to lose. Check out Forex trading in UAE and  Stock trading in UAE articles.

Is Binary Options legal in Dubai, UAE?

Yes, it is legal to trade Binary Options in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The Binary Options brokers listed on this page have no restrictions on accepting traders from the United Arab Emirates. IQ Option and Olymp Trade are the two major providers of online Options trading, and they mention no restriction about accepting UAE traders.

IQ Option, Olymp Trade, Expert Option, Pocket Option and Quotex are legitimate companies offering their services for several years now. They are allowed to carry out their business in the UAE. However, you should keep yourself updated about the latest rules to stay compliant all the time.

Binary trading UAE – Is Binary options trading complicated?

Binary trading is quick and straightforward to understand, has the potential for high profit, but at the same time, it involves high risk. You may lose the invested amount completely. You would have lost $25 in the below example trade if you were wrong in your prediction. If EUR/USD had closed above 1.12052, you would have lost the trade and your invested amount $25.

Hence it is vital to manage the risk in binary options trading, to be a successful trader.


Learning Binary Options in Dubai?

Can I trade Binary Options in UAE?

Everybody can trade Binary Options who is over 18 years of age. Understanding Binary Options is not so complicated. Hence you may give it a try in a RISK-FREE DEMO ACCOUNT. You don’t lose your real money while trading in a demo account. You can try every aspect of Binary Options trading before in invest your money. There are no obligations to open a live account too.

What is Binary Options trading?

Binary Options are one of the new and simple financial trading products made available to traders. These are a form of an option that provides a fixed deadline for expiration with a fixed payout. Binary Options trading only has two outcomes for any trade WIN or LOSS. If you win you get up to 95% * return on your investment, but if you lose, you lose 100% of the invested amount.

Binary trading UAE – How to trade binary options?

1. Choose your asset.

2. Make a prediction

3. Select the investment amount

4. Trade (by clicking CALL or PUT)

Trading Strategies

Stochastic and Bollinger Band strategy

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Basic Candlestick Strategy to make $50 per hour

Learn to make $50 per hour online in Dubai, UAE Candlestick pattern trading strategy with IQ Option, Quotex, and Olymp Trade.Candlestick patterns are easy to follow and understand. Try them while trading Options trading with IQ Option and BinomoCandlestick Pattern...

MACD Strategy for Binary Options

MACD Binary Options Trading Strategy For IQ Option and BinomoThis MACD professional trading strategy is based on the combination of  MACD oscillator, Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and Parabolic SAR. This is one of the best IQ Option strategy used by many traders...

Example to study Binary Options trading

  • Let us assume that EUR/USD is trading at 1.12052 and you predict the currency pair will be lower in the next 5 minutes, and you want to invest $25?
  • Find EUR/USD in the broker’s asset list, select 5 minutes, enter $25 as your investment amount, click on the PUT (SELL) button, and the trade is executed. The return on this trade is 85%.
  • You’ve now predicted that the currency pair EUR/USD will be lower than the current level of 1.12052 in 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, EUR/USD is trading at 1.12012, lower than the price 5 minutes earlier, when you entered the trade. Your trade gets closed automatically by the broker after the expiry of 5 minutes.

Since EUR/USD was trading lower as you predicted your trade is closed for a profit (known as in the money). The profit for a $25 investment with a return of 85% is $21.25 ($25 x 87% = $21.25) which is credited to your broker account almost instantly.

If your investment amount had have been $100 you would have made a profit of $85 in just this single trade.

Different expiry times are starting from 30 seconds to up to 5 minutes in the Turbo Trading option.

And expiry of every 10,15 minutes, 1 hour and one day, end of the day also available with many binary options brokers. 

I came across this website while searching for “Binary options trading in Dubai, UAE “a few days ago and after that, I deposited $100 into IQ Option and started trading. I am so happy with the services and trading features. Thank you!

Abdul Adel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Forex trader and Investor

* Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.
NOTE: This article/material is not investment advice.
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