Pocket Option Review UAE

The Online Trading Platform of Pocket Options provides Binary Options trading and CFD trading in the United Arab Emirates. It sets a new standard in the offshore broker market. In 2017, the company first entered the market with Binary Options trading services. Pocket Option claimed its position among the oversaturated binary options brokers with its excellent services and innovative trading platform. Keep reading this Pocket Options Review UAE article to explore its online trading services.

Since then, Pocket Option has been a market leader and has been functioning quite successfully. As a result, opening an account will not pose any problems, even for traders of any level of experience.

Pocket Option UAE

Introducing Pocket Options – Best Online Trading Platform

Pocket Options broker was founded in 2017. It was a registered broker. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Pocket Options is a type of brokerage known for innovation in service delivery. IFMRRC regulates this broker, and it is satisfactory for users to have easy access to its highly useful trading services and trading platforms. Traders also have access to a free demo account that simulates trading conditions with this broker and helps UAE traders decide whether or not to use this broker.

Pocket Options broker is also known for the availability of over 100 top assets for trading, which gives you various options to choose your trading field. To better understand this broker, go deeper with this review and find out the other great features and attributes. For example, in the next section, you will read about the advantages and disadvantages of this broker. Before choosing a broker, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Maximum Profit: 96%
  • Minimum trade: $1
  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Assets: 100+ Forex, Crypto, Stocks, and Commodities
  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS, and Windows
  • MT5 Trading Platform for CFD trading

Pocket Options Review UAE

The trading platform is unique. Many traders from all over the world want to pass the trading gate. In this case, they need to be professional or call on skilled people to help them. In this sense, brokers play an essential role in various transactions. The part of brokers is necessary because they provide a platform for buying and selling. That is why it is crucial to find the best among them. One of the most popular brokers is Pocket Options, among others. Industry experts write this Pocket Options Review with over 15 years of financial experience in Binary Options Trading, CFD Trading, Forex Trading, and Social Trading.

Pocket Option Features

  • Regulation: IFMRRC
  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Bonus: 50%
  • Payouts: 128% Max
  • Trade Types: High/Low, Turbo
  • Number of Assets: 100+
  • Trade Platform: Web, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Social Trading: Yes
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • US and UK Traders: Accepted

Register Pocket Options

Pocket Options in the UAE offers many features and services to the users. Traders with different skill rates, such as beginners, beginners, experienced, masters, etc., are working with this broker. This broker’s site is easy to use, and that is why different types of traders are working successfully there.

Although CySEC doesn’t license this broker, it does provide many options and services that capture the attention and trust of traders. If traders choose this highly qualified broker, check out this Pocket Options review UAE. It gives you all the information about this trading element.

Pocket Options Login

Let’s move on to the most essential and practical part concerning the actual registration on the Pocket Options trading platform and the subsequent opening of your account.

Of course, in the registration window, traders will need to indicate their email address and phone number.

Suppose traders want to verify their identity for complete verification. In that case, they will also need to upload the relevant documents and wait a while (usually a couple of days) to confirm their data.

After completing all the previous steps, traders need to deposit a certain amount in their account to start Pocket Options trading. But don’t forget that the threshold level of Pocket Options in the UAE has dropped significantly compared to other platforms, and the minimal amount required for trading is only $ 50.

Pros and Cons

Start trading with this broker’s bright sight; it is better to go for the number of assets available to trade. Hopefully, there are over 130 assets to trade on this platform. Its variety of assets is the thing that makes Pocket Options outstanding. As a result, many traders of different trading fields can use the services of this broker.

Another advantage of using the Pocket Options is a single account. Each trader may have a single account option without sharing it with others. As soon as you register on this trading platform, you will get instant access to social trading, another great advantage of this broker. By bypassing so fast, you will save time and energy. Another PowerPoint of this trading broker is a tournament with $50,000.

When it comes to the drawbacks of the Pocket Options, the first thing that comes to mind is that IFMRRC is not an official regulator. Therefore, it might be necessary for many UAE traders even if this broker has gained a reputation. This type of broker’s only other weak point is limited account funding methods.

Trading Features and Payouts

Pocket Options is a very user-friendly broker. It is easy to use for different types of trading. This is why traders can trade various assets such as stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies, including cryptocurrencies. But, it highly depends on the cost you can pay for your trading.

Some traders prefer to trade on gold, silver or oil, while others intend to do foreign exchange transactions or work in stocks or indices. Remarkably, this trading platform approves you to do the type of trading you like more.

Another trading feature of this broker is the price forecast of short options, which is an outstanding feature for beginners. Therefore, before you do that you can see the transaction results and be aware of the number of times you are going to make a profit as soon as possible. In addition, you can see the potential ups and downs of your transaction. In this sense, you can plan for the potential risks in your trading.

The Pocket Options payout is up to 128%, an excellent percentage. However, this amount totally depends on the assets traded, the size of the Trade, and other elements. Since the minimal payout is 50%, you know that you will trade between 50% and 128% profitably. Most trades can expect to pay somewhere between 60% and 100%, according to many estimates. This amount is highly competitive, making this broker a fair broker that many traders desire.

Different Types of Account

Like other brokers, these brokers have provided different types of brokers. However, unlike other brokers, you must take a lot of time to find the correct account that is more suitable for your trading conditions. You can quickly find the account in the Pocket Options. This simplicity is due to the small variety of account types. At this broker, you have two options: practice or real money trading.

You can open a free demo account or live account and start your transaction. But before you choose each of them, you must know the features type of account and then, with extensive knowledge, select the one that will lead you to success.

Pocket option trading

Pocket Options Review UAE- Demo Account

The thing that makes Pocket Options different in providing a free demo account is this broker’s relaxed attitude. Most other trading brokers do not approve you to start trading with a demo account without sign-up information and deposit funds. Then, you need to click on it and start selling with $1,000 virtual funds. So, you need to enter a platform where you can trade with $1,000 of virtual money.

The free demo account of this broker is beneficial for both new traders and expert traders. It is an excellent experience for new traders to connect with other traders and trading platforms and manage a real account. On the other hand, it is beneficial for professional traders to strengthen their trading power more and more. Imagine that with only $1,000 of the virtual fund, you will achieve real expensive experiences.

Pocket Options Review UAE- Live Account

If you are one of the UAE traders who want to go straight to the live trading account with as little as $50 of deposit, the Pocket Options is the best choice for you. However, many experts suggest not underestimating the demo account’s importance. With the experience you gain from the free demo account, you can upgrade your Pocket Options live account. Nevertheless, some knowledgeable traders with many years of experience still try a free demo account; it will ensure their power points and reduce their weak points.

Working with a live account is as easy as using a free demo account. Once you open a live account, you can start trading on over 100 different trading instruments, including stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and more. Also, using the Live Account, you will have access to many benefits like Tournaments, Cashback, Indicators and Signals, Social Trading, Achievements, and a wide range of Educational Support.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The simplicity of this broker is spent on all its features. Therefore, when you enter the platform of this broker, you will get information about deposits and withdrawals. You will see that there are many ways to deposit, such as an e-wallet (Skrill and Neteller), a debit card, credit card, and even cryptocurrency. Pocket options broker also accepts Bitcoin and other recognized currencies. Typically, more than 100 payment methods are used for deposits and withdrawals.

Although, the minimum deposit is just $50 and the minimum withdrawal amount is just $10. In addition, the Pocket Options does not ask for any commission or spread, unlike many other brokers. Therefore, you can consider it profit. Because whenever you earn money or transfer money from the bank, Pocket Options broker never asks for a fee or anything like that. So, you can save your money and gain profits from transactions.

Pocket Options Review UAE- BONUSES

We have studied the platform and found that, among other benefits, Pocket Options has a system of bonuses and earnings that is possible if certain conditions are met, such as depositing an amount in your trading account and achieving a specific trading volume.

Thus, platform developers encourage successful traders to continue day trading on an ongoing basis. The excitement surrounding the project inspires developers to promote their project to the public, resulting in users working with the platform.

The other Features of Pocket Options

This time broker is also famous for the other crucial features. These factors are essential for each trader who chooses this platform to improve their trading. In this case, in the following paragraphs, you will read some reviews about the other characteristics of Pocket Options.

Pocket Options Review UAE- Mobile Trading

Since such brokers are famous for simplicity and user-friendly platforms, they have provided a mobile version of websites to make transactions more accessible. The Pocket Options mobile website can be used in portrait and landscape modes. The version of this broker is well designed, and the mobile app is just as convenient as the desktop version.

IOS, Android, and Windows versions are available for those interested in using the app from this broker. All three have been tested and found to be stable, reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly as web-based versions.

Pocket Options Meta Trader 5

As in the case of Pocket Options, Meta trader five is available both as a web version and as the original software, which you can download from the platform’s official website. In addition, a mobile application is available at your service.

Trading binary options (the primary trading tool of the Pocket Options platform) is extremely straightforward and not difficult to master. First, you choose the asset you will trade (cryptocurrencies or currency pairs) and try to predict the upcoming asset price.

Accordingly, you choose either call or short and wait for your Trade to complete.

Is Pocket Options Legal The UAE?

Yes, as per the information provided on the Pocket Option Website, it is legal to trade with them in the United Arab Emirates. It is a safe and secure Online trading broker and the traders can trade safely with them in UAE.

Based on our trading experience with the platform, we can confidently conclude that Pocket Options is a reliable Broker. Multi-platform, speed of execution of transactions (without any delays), several methods of depositing money into the trading account, the presence of indicators and other tools for thoughtful technical analysis, unique Social Trading options and trading by signals, a large friendly community of traders and qualified team of technical support makes the Pocket Options platform one of the best in the UAE today.

Pocket Options Review UAE- Customer Support

Another important thing that every professional broker needs is the quality of customer support. This is because customer support in Pocket Options is so strong. You will be surprised by the various services of supporting customers such as phone calls, SMS, emails, and direct contact with the authorities of this website.

All Pocket Options found that their questions were answered quickly and directly. They have also seen other ways to communicate with broker managers on social media and its devices like Facebook and Twitter.

Promotions and Bonuses

Even with a minimal deposit of $50, you can achieve bonuses and promotions with the Pocket Options. However, you are aware of the tricks which may put your online trading in danger. Nevertheless, if you work carefully with the online broker, you will achieve considerable profits.

Pocket Options Review UAE- The Bottom Line

Whether you fall in love with Forex Trading or Binary Options Trading, the Pocket Options trading platform is ready to help you with its multiple outstanding features. According to many other online reviews, Pocket Options is a trusted trading platform among other brokers. It has so many advantages and a few disadvantages that will allow you to make better decisions about choosing the right broker for your trading venture.

Before you start trading with Pocket Option in UAE, you must practice in a Risk-Free Demo Account. Trade in the Demo Account while managing risk and try to double up your account balance while trading in the Demo Account. After you learn every aspect of the trading platform and the rules and when you feel confident then only consider investing your money on the platform. Never risk any amount which you can’t afford to lose. Online trading is a risky business. Risk management is important. Experts suggest not to trade more than 1% to 5% in any single trade.

You can also check Quotex, IQ Option, and Expert Option for your online trading requirements in UAE.