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IQ Option UAE is one of the best Binary Options Brokers in the industry. It has superseded all other Binary Options brokers in the industry with its high-standard services since it started its business in 2013. It is the trusted broker in Dubai and UAE for Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, and Commodity CFD trading. You can try Binary Options trading in a Risk-Free Demo Account with $10,000 in demo money. IQ Option Dubai – IQ Option is quite popular in Dubai, and many people are using its platform for Forex, Options, and CFD trading on hundreds of assets.

The traders can trade Binary Options, Digital Options, and CFD trading on Currencies, Stocks, Cryptos, Gold, Silver, and other commodities IQ Option UAE trading platform.

IQ Option is a leading binary options broker presenting its exclusive, modern, advanced, and user-friendly trading platform to the world. The trading platform IQ Option UAE offers advanced charts and analysis tools to refer to while trading, hence preferred by professional traders. The platform allows you to trade both standard binary options and the most popular turbo options (60 seconds- 5 minutes) with a payout of up to 95% *. It also offers to trade during the weekend on selected currencies.

IQ Option UAE trading platform offers built-in indicators to help you make the right trading decision without switching between windows while trading.

IQ Option UAE

* Profit percentage for a successful trade.

IQ Option is legal in UAE


Can I try IQ Option in UAE without the risk of losing my money?

Yes, you can try IQ Option in Dubai without any risk of losing your money. IQ Option gives a Free Demo trading account with a $10,000 demo balance. You can trade in the demo trading account with the $10,000 virtual money while learning. The demo account comes without any obligation. You need not open a live trading account or make any deposit if you don’t like the trading features of IQ Option. You may simply leave if you find it difficult for you to trade Binary Options.

Additionally, the demo account comes handy when you want to try new strategies and risk management. The expert traders always apply their trading strategy in a demo account before applying it in a live account.

Check other Binary Options Brokers in UAE offering Free Demo Accounts.

IQ Option Demo UAE


IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option Platform is designed in-house by its technical team. It had bagged the best trading application award at several expos and events. IQ Option platform is responsive and flexible to adjust by the traders. This well-designed platform helps traders to use built-in technical indicators, analysis tools to make their trades more successful. Although the trading platform is full of advanced features, its interface is easy to use and understand. The traders can trade at lightning-fast speed on the platform.

The single trading platform provides OPTIONS, FOREX, STOCKS, CRYPTO, COMMODITIES, and ETF CFD trading. The traders have to select the type of trade and proceed to trade. Binary Options trading offers up to 100% payout for successful trades.
The traders can adjust the multiplier (leverage) for Forex, Stocks, and Crypto CFD trading. The flexible multiplier up to x300 helps traders to manage risk with more flexibility. In addition to the iOS, Android, MAC, and PC versions of the trading platform, IQ Option also offers a PWA Platform for trading. IQ Option PWA platform utilizes the advanced functions of the web browser to give users an app-like experience without installing any apps.


Chart Type –  There are 4 types of charts available on the platform – Line Chart, Candles, Bars, and Heikin-Ashi.

Time Interval – The chart time frame can be selected from 5 seconds to a 1-day interval.

Graphical Tools – Graphical tools like Lines, Trend Lines, Horizontal lines, Vertical Lines, Fibonacci Lines available for graphical analysis.

Indicators – Many useful indicators and Oscillators like – Trend Indicators (23), Momentum Indicators (32), Volatility Indicator (13), Moving Averages (6), and Volume indicators (4) and several other indicators are available for applying on the chart for improving your trading experience.

IQ Option has a tutorials section which is accessible to all registered users. It has many informative videos on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Platform basics, Market News, and Margin and CFD trading to name a few. You can find a few examples of IQ Option trading strategies here.

How to Trade Binary Options on IQ Option Platform – IQ Option Dubai

Binary Options trading is all about making predictions about whether the price of an asset will go up or down in the near future, in the next 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes or any predefined time. In this kind of trading, there are just two outcomes – Either you win or lose, depending on whether your prediction is correct or incorrect.

As a Binary Options trader, it is important that you understand binary options trading before you start trading with your real money. Binary Options or Digital Options trading is different from traditional options trading. They are different in terms of the different fees, risks, and payouts.

The traders looking to hedge their position, Binary Options can be an excellent way to do so. Here we will explain binary options trading to help you have a better trading experience with IQ Option Dubai, UAE.

 Key Terms used in Binary Options 

There are a few key terms you must understand before trading Binary Options and Digital Options with IQ Option Dubai Platform.

Expiry time: This is the time between entering a position (BUY or SELL, UP or DOWN)  to the time the position closes. This period can range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes on the IQ Option Platform. Most traders usually go for short-term options that last for  30 seconds to 30 minutes.

Strike price: This is the price of the asset at which the CALL or PUT (High or Low, UP or Down) contract starts. For example, the price of GOLD can be $1,950, and the trade has a payout of 80% return. If You place a “CALL” bid with let’s say $1000. When the contract closes, and the Gold price goes up higher than $1950, you get back your $1000 plus 80% of your invested amount. In this case, you will have $1800 at the end. If your prediction was not correct, then you lose the $1000 you have invested in the option.

Payout: The payout is the return, usually in percentage, that the broker pays to traders if the trader wins. In the above example of Gold, the Payout is 80% for a successful trade. The best part of Binary Options is that the maximum potential loss is limited, which is $1000 in the above example. The traders always know the maximum loss percentages before entering a Buy or Sell contract.

IQ Option Steps to trade

Step-by-step guide – How to trade with IQ Option in UAE?

How to trade IQ Option in UAE? Trading with consistent profit can be challenging. But learning how to trade IQ Option is not tricky. You can learn it by following the steps described below.

Step 1

Choose the Asset to trade

You can select any Currency Pair, Gold, Silver, Stocks, etc to trade. You can see the profitability of each asset by their side. Select the asset you have analyzed and which has higher profitability.

Step1 IQ Option

Step 2

Enter the Amount to Invest

In this field, you must enter the amount you want to trade. The minimum amount you can trade is $1. The experts suggest not investing more than 1% to 5% in any trade. Risk management is the key to success in Binary Options and Digital Options trading in UAE.

Step2 IQ Option

Step 3

Select the Expiry Time

In this field, the trader has to select the Expiry Time of the trade. For turbo trades, 1 to 5 minutes expiry is available. Lond term expiry is available on the right side. Usually, the lower expiry you select, the higher payout you get if successful. Lower time expiry means more risk hence more payout.

Step3 IQ Option

Step 4


Once you have filled in the expiration time and investment amount, you must determine whether the price will be higher or lower. Take this decision carefully, and when you are done with your decision, you are ready to open the trade; click on “Higher” or “Lower”, depending on the outcome of your analysis. 

If your prediction is correct, you get up to 95% return on your invested amount; otherwise, you lose the invested amount.

Step4 IQ Option

IQ Option UAE Account Types

There are two account types available with IQ Option UAE. They are Standard Accounts and VIP Accounts. In addition to these two types of trading accounts, IQ Option also provides a Risk-Free Demo Account.

Account Types

  • Standard Account: This account is the basic account every trader gets with a minimum $10 deposit. This is the account most of the traders use, and there are no functional restrictions in these accounts. Over 300+ assets, 24-hour chat support, and fast withdrawal processing are available for these accounts. Additionally, IQ Option offers Dubai and UAE traders access to several trading tournaments and competitions.
  • VIP Account: This account is available to traders with a significant amount deposit (the exact amount is subject to change). A dedicated personal account manager, additional payouts on assets, and monthly trading reports are offered to VIP customers, along with all the features available with the Standard Accounts.
  • Demo Account: IQ Option UAE wants traders to try and learn to trade before they risk their money. Hence, IQ Options offers a risk-free demo account with $10,000 virtual money. This FREE Demo Account has no limitation or expiry date. It can be reloaded with $10,000 virtual money anytime the trader want. The experienced traders test their trading strategies on Demo Accounts before applying them to their real accounts. Sign up today and become familiar with the IQ Option trading platform without any risk by opening a Demo Account loaded with Free $10,000 virtual money.
IQ Option Dubai Account Types

How to trade Stocks CFD with IQ Option Dubai, UAE?

The traders looking for trading the Global shares of reputed companies can do so with IQ Option using its CFD trading feature on the platform. The CFD trading instrument of IQ Option is quite powerful with its multiplier feature, which allows traders to buy up to five times the available funds.

The CFD trading stands for “Contract for Difference” While trading using this CFD instrument, the trader does not actually buy the company’s stocks. Instead, he enters a contract with the broker involving the price movement. If the trader enters a buy contract and the price goes up, he makes a profit and vice versa. If the price moves in the other direction than predicted by the trader, he loses money. The multiplier just multiplies the risk. A multiplier of 2 brings in double the profit as well as double the loss if the trade goes wrong.

CFD trading is a good way of availing the trading opportunity in the shares without getting into the complexities of buying and selling the shares from the stock exchange. The transaction fees while trading the companies’ shares are higher and involve many formalities. However, trading stock CFDs are straightforward. The CFD platform also offers Currency Pairs, ETFs, and Commodities for trading at the same place, making the trading experience better and smooth.

IQ Option Stock CFD Trading UAE

How to trade Stock, Forex, and ETF CFD on the IQ Option UAE Platform?

The steps involved in trading CFD on IQ Option UAE are not difficult. Just follow the simple steps discussed bellow.


  1. Select the Asset to trade

Select the Stocks from the list of options available on the IQ Option platform on the left-hand side of the platform. The traders may also choose Forex, Crypto, Commodities, or ETF CFDs. Then choose the stock of the company you wish to trade. You may select assets other than stocks if you like. Then analyze the market using various technical tools available on the platform. Do some research work on leading financial news sites. Then predict its future price direction and trade in your chosen price direction.

  1. Set the Amount of money you want to invest

This is an important part of understanding while trading CFD. Most experts advise not to invest a significant amount of your funds in any single trade. Risk only an amount like 1 to 5 percent of your capital in any single trade.

  1. Select the Multiplier

Select the multiplier you want to use. Investing an amount of $100 and selecting a multiplier of 5 gives you exposure to $500 investment—your potential profit increases by five times, as well as your potential losses.

Select Auto Close if you like to automatically close your trade after making a certain profit or loss. The Auto Close can be set as % Proft/ loss, Amount of $ in profit/loss, or at Asset price.

  1. Now select BUY or SELL

Click BUY or SELL as per your analysis of the market. If you expect the price may go up, you should click BUY and vice versa. The higher the difference between trade opening price and closing price, the higher the profit (or loss), depending on your trade direction. The traders should keep in mind that there is a fee for positions kept open overnight. Hence, the traders should keep in mind the overnight fees while trading. IQ Option CFD trading does not assure you swap-free trading. Therefore, some traders of the Islamic faith looking for a Swap-free account may not like it.

Is IQ Option legal in UAE

Is IQ Option legal in UAE?

Yes, IQ Option is legal in UAE. It is a legitimate financial trading platform registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. IQ Option trading platform is legal in Dubai and the UAE, offering traders a range of trading options while operating within the regulatory framework set out by the government.  It mentions on its website the countries from where it doesn’t accept any clients. IQ Option accepts traders from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. And the UAE regulators have not yet imposed any restrictions on IQ Option’s business activity. Hence, it is legal to trade binary Options in UAE with IQ Option.

I’m often asked about the legality of IQ Option in UAE. It’s important to conduct thorough research before investing your hard-earned money. So, to answer your question, IQ Option is legal in UAE, it operates within the laws of the UAE. However, it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice and make informed decisions when it comes to investments. However, you should always keep an eye on the ever-changing rules to stay aware and compliant all the time.

IQ Option Review UAE

IQ Option deposit methods

For trading Binary Options, Forex, and CFD with IQ Option, you can deposit funds into your account by several methods. Most of the traders from Dubai, UAE deposit funds using their Credit and Debit card. The widely accepted cards are Visa and Mastercard. However, you can also deposit using various e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, CashU. IQ Option UAE also accepts wire transfer as a fund deposit. Whenever you have difficulty in depositing funds you can contact the customer service, they will be happy to assist you.

Fund Withdrawal – IQ Option

IQ Option is one among very few Forex and Binary brokers who process the fund withdrawal automatically, and almost instantly. The fund withdrawal to the credit or debit card is processed instantly, which may take 1-3 days depending upon the bank processing time. The traders can withdraw profit or investment capital after verifying their accounts. The other methods of funds withdrawal take less than one day to process. The fast Fund deposit and withdrawal are the reason, IQ Option is so popular among UAE traders.

Account Verification – IQ Option

The account verification is an important part of online trading with IQ Option in UAE. The account verification is a legal requirement for the safety of financial transactions, and to avoid financial fraud. IQ Option compliance team carry out due diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer) for each and every customer.

The account verification process is quite simple. All you have to provide is your ID proof. You can submit the front and rear side image of Emirates ID, Driving License, Passport page showing your picture, or any other government-issued ID as the ID proof. 

Pros :

  • One of the most advanced platforms.
  • Very fast withdrawal compared to other brokers.
  • Trustworthy and reliable trading platform
  • Free Demo account.
  • A minimum deposit of just 10$.
  • Excellent support.

How to withdraw money from IQ Option in UAE


IQ Option fund withdrawal UAE

Withdrawing money from IQ Option in the UAE is a relatively straightforward process. First, you must ensure that you have funds available for withdrawal. Your deposits and profits are immediately available for withdrawal. IQ Option offers one free monthly fund withdrawal; they may charge you a fee for subsequent withdrawals. Once the funds are available in your account, you can select the withdrawal option in the account menu and select the method of fund withdrawal. It may be anyone from the options like withdrawal to your Credit or Debit card, ADVCASH, WebMoney, etc. Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw; after entering all the required information, click ‘Withdraw,’ the funds will be transferred to your account within a few business days. The entire process is secure and fast, so you can ensure your money is safe.

Usually, the fund withdrawals are processed within three business days. However, most of the time it is processed on the same working day.

Is IQ Option a trusted broker in UAE?

IQ Option is one of the UAE’s best Binary Options and online trading brokers. Its exceptional online trading services have earned an excellent reputation and trust in the industry. IQ Option is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines with Registration No. 24840 IBC 2018 to serve its global clients, including clients from Dubai, UAE. The platform offers a wide range of trading options, including Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, and Binary Options, making it an attractive option for traders in the region.

IQ Option Dubai Office – Does IQ Option have an office in UAE?

No, IQ Option does not have an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It supports the clients through Online Live Chat, Email, and Telephone. The customers can request a call back from their account manager, the account manager calls back in a few hours. In fact, the traders do not have to visit the IQ Option office, all their queries are resolved by a competent support team quickly.

IQ Option


IQ Option Deposit UAE

Conclusion – IQ Option Review UAE

IQ OPTION UAE is one of the most trusted and reliable binary options brokers offering its advanced trading features to UAE traders. It has the best in the industry customer service, a wide range of payment methods, and same-day fund withdrawal processing for clients. After considering several factors, we conclude that IQ Option Dubai, UAE is one of the trustworthy Binary Options Brokers in the UAE.

IQ Option is legal in Dubai


General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.