Cryptocurrency trading on IQ Option

Thanks to modern technology, there are a vast number of opportunities for everyone. It is considered to have enough access to the internet and the ability to think analytically.

  1. Tron (TRX)
  2. Dash (DASH)
  3. Bitcoin (BTC)
  4. Ripple (XRP)
  5. (EOS)
  6. Bitcoin cash (BCH)
  7. OmiseGo (OMG)
  8. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  9. Litecoin (LTC)
  10. Ethereum (ETH)
  11. ZCash (ZEC)
  12. Qtum (QTUM)

In this case, every intelligent person will always find the path to improvement and success, and financial prosperity. We can say, for example, that cryptocurrency trading allows you to make considerable profits in almost any country in the world you want. It doesn’t matter if the trader is in the USA, Asia, Australia, or UAE – you choose a reliable platform and start earning money as you wish.

IQ Options, registered in 2013, has become a true leader in trading. This success has been achieved for a professional approach to work, attention to customer comfort, and an extensive list of benefits.

  • Being a client of a company is very easy – the general registration process takes a few minutes
  • Exchange operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week, so that you can trade cryptocurrencies anytime you want.
  • Minimum deposit 10, minimum trade $ 1
  • There is no additional transaction commission when renewing the account
  • The site is convenient, has a beautiful design, and high-quality functionality
  • The trader can adjust each chart individually by adding his required indicators and signaling devices
  • The site has a section with training materials and tips for professional traders to understand all aspects of cryptocurrency trading.
  • There is a guarantee that user funds and data are protected using modern, impenetrable encryption protocols
  • There is a high-quality financial instrument for trading

The ability to buy a premium account and get additional options: such as the help of a private broker, improved leverage, the ability to finish a transaction with a higher percentage of profit, and so on.

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Cryptocurrencies are available for trading on the IQ Option platform

The cryptocurrency was first published in 2008, although the term was only created in 2011.

Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto has created a unique currency that allows for safe and fast transactions worldwide. Today, this method has become very famous in many more countries, including the United Arab Emirates, and merchants are offered many different cryptocurrencies.


The first cryptocurrency was developed in Japan. This is a large block of encrypted characters using the SHA – 256 hash functions. Today, the total value of the currency is $ 139 billion, and the importance of a bitcoin ranges from 7,700 to $ 8,000.


It is Bitcoin’s rival currency, created in 2015 by Russian programmer Vitaly Putin. The main feature is using the Keccak-256 hash function—prices for 1 Ethereum range from 160 to 162 USD.

Bitcoin Cash

It is the most advanced new version of the most popular cryptocurrency, developed in 2018 and actively used by traders in the UAE. It uses the advanced ASIC-S9 hash function, and the price of an SV bitcoin ranges from 82 to 83 USD.

Binance Coin

This is another option for clients in the UAE through the IQ Options Forex Trading Platform. The currency appeared in 2017, and today a Binance coin is worth 18 USD.

Bitcoin Cash

It is a version of generic cryptocurrency that has a more affordable cost. It has been known since 2015 and has a capital of 12 billion. The price of bitcoin cash ranges from 185 to 195 USD.

Lite Coin

This is an alternative that reached the peak of cryptocurrency popularity in 2013. It uses the standard hash function SHA-256; its price is a Litecoin equal to 52 to 57 US dollars.

Miyota (Iota)

It is an affordable cryptocurrency, known since 2015. This allows you to make large transactions due to the low cost of 25-28 cents per 1mt.


It is a cryptocurrency used to trade customers from the UAE. One star costs 6-7 cents, but analysts say there is a possibility of more prices in the future.

You can see 

It is another cheap cryptocurrency that allows you to make money in significant transaction or exchange rate fluctuations. It appeared on the market in 2017 and has a total capital of more than one billion dollars. All you can see is 2-3 cents. 

Cryptocurrency trading platform IQ Option 

  • If you do this work on a reliable exchange (such as IQ Option), you can make a lot of money in so many different ways.

A trader from UAE can trade here: 

  • Digital Options: This is a very low-risk cryptocurrency trading option. Of course, the profit is not high here, but it attracts the opportunity to earn for a long time. 
  • CFD: Agreement for many differences. Brokers choose a suitable currency pair and give a forecast. In the case of the right decision, it makes a profit. 
  • The price of a cryptocurrency is traded. 

Every day, the exchange rate tends to change several times. As a rule: “Buy things cheap, sell things at high prices,” UAE traders tend to make more profit. 

Moreover, IQ Option clients tend to make large transactions with a little less risk due to leverage. 

This means that the exchange gives users permission and power to manage the company’s funds.

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Cryptocurrency trading is a frequently asked question

Thanks to a professional approach to work, you can earn a lot of money by trading cryptocurrencies in exchange for IQ Options. But to make each transaction unique and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome, you need to know all the subtleties of this process. This article will help you to understand all the aspects of cryptocurrency trading. 

What does cryptocurrency mean?

Bitcoin became a unique phenomenon after its emergence in 2009. After it gained popularity in the UAE, including worldwide, the term “cryptocurrency” appeared. The term refers to a digital currency that uses special hash functions to encrypt data. With this method, you can easily transact in any country in the world. This coin has no physical image (banknotes or cash) but can be worth thousands of dollars. 

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Is cryptocurrency legal in the global market? 

Cryptocurrency and its trading is legal in almost all parts of the world. This procedure is usually most popular in Canada, Europe, the USA, Brazil, Australia. However, Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Peru, and South Korea have some restrictions on cryptocurrency trading. In addition, this type of trade is strictly prohibited in Algeria, Ecuador, Bolivia, and China. 

Is cryptocurrency legal in UAE? 

Cryptocurrency in the UAE – is entirely legal. The country’s government is trying to create favorable conditions for investment and to attract financial resources, so it is very profitable to be involved in cryptocurrency mining or trading here. IQ Option provides the best requirements for new clients and professional brokers.