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Binary options brokers offer attractive promotional deals to attract clients. These may include Bonus deposits, higher payout, and risk-free trades.

Bonus Deposit 

The brokers deposit a bonus amount into the trader’s account which may be up to 100 % of your deposit. The bonus amount should be taken with a pinch of salt. It usually comes with some restrictions and complicated terms and conditions which are very difficult to be complied with. Once you start using the bonus amount, the broker puts a hold on your fund withdrawal. You have to achieve a certain trading volume ( up to 40 times the bonus amount)  to be eligible to withdraw your own fund.

In most cases, the trader ultimately loses while trying to achieve a huge trading volume and the broker makes money.

Many regulators (CySEC, MiFID, and FCA ) have started taking this bonus deposit by the brokers as an inappropriate practice, and issued circulars prohibiting it. There are some brokers offering bonus deposits even now. You may accept a bonus deposit after you understand the terms and conditions completely.

Higher Pay Out

Since bonus deposit is discouraged by the regulators keeping in view the best interest of the traders, the brokers have now started offering higher payouts ( up to 95%, amount to be credited to account for a successful trade) to attract traders. A higher payout offer is usually not associated with any trading volume requirements, hence it is better to choose these regulated brokers. Even a 1- 5 % higher payout can make a huge difference to your profits in long run. Hence higher payout must carefully be considered while selecting a binary options broker.

Risk-free trades with no terms and conditions

Risk-free trade gives you a refund in case the trade expires out of money. Few brokers offer this to a new trader for the first 2 or 3 trades. The trader must first take approval for such risk-free trades from their account manager before availing of risk-free trades. 

Bonus Deposit Using Olymp Trade Promo Codes

Olymp Trade Bonus Promo Code

Olymp Trade is one of the Online trading platforms offering Bonuses to their traders which can be availed using promo codes. The Bonus deposit comes with certain additional conditions. The traders need to achieve a certain trading volume before they can withdraw the bonus. However, the traders can withdraw the funds deposited and any profit made.

Many traders don’t understand or learn about the Bonus deposit and claim Olymp trade Bonus Deposit a scam. You must learn the terms and conditions associated with the bonus deposit. The bonus deposit certainly gives you a trading advantage if utilized intelligently. However, it is not offered to everybody, only traders who use the Olymp Trade Bonus Promo Codes can avail of this.

Presently Olymp Trade offers Bonus deposits to traders who use the exclusively provided Olymp Trade Promo Codes. The traders can find the Promo Codes of Olymp trade here and use them on the Promo Code field on the trading platform to avail it.

The traders can get up to a maximum of 30% bonus deposit by using these codes. 

Olymp Trade Promo Code

Olymp Trade Promo Code


30% Promo Code


15% Bonus Code



Most of the brokers have stopped offering huge bonus deposits as they used to be a few years back. Nowadays only a few Online trading platforms are offering up to a 30% bonus on deposits. Olymp trade is offering up to a 30% bonus on deposits to traders who use the exclusive promo codes provides by certain channels. Visit Binary Options Brokers Page to find the latest offers on Bonus Deposit.

Olymp Trade Promo Code