Complete Analysis of IQ Option Broker

IQ Options Platform is a binary option, Forex, CFD, and Stock CFD trading platform. It is the simplest and most straightforward type of platform that has been updated and developed by a team of top business, analysts, and IT experts. It was created in 2013. In the meantime, it has successfully become one of the most influential brokers in Europe and other parts of the world. The platform offers a wide variety of assets (cryptocurrency and stocks) and classic binary options to the most common turbo options (1 minute) among traders. Try IQ Option Free Demo Account  and learn its features without risking your money.


Binary options trading;

Paid and free trading competitions.

  • How to join the program;
  • Customer support;
  • Analytical and news materials;
  • Email daily market analysis
  • Trading Strategy Training
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Pros and Cons of IQ Option 

  • It is a very easy-to-use interface- A system is built internally that allows it to evolve continuously and adapt quickly to the needs of traders.
  • Their much lower initial value deposits- It is very popular for its simplicity. The client has to make a deposit of $ 10 to start trading. The minimum transaction starts at just $1.
  • It also has a beta program- The platform gives every registered user the opportunity to learn trading skills, verify strategies, and get acquainted with the surrounding trading through an IQ demo account with free $10,000 demo funds.
  • Any device that is connected to the Internet is compatible with this site.
  • More than 75 assets available for trading.
  • There is a reliable arrangement for deposit/withdrawal activities.
  • IQ Option provide trading tournaments to enhance the trading skill of the traders and encourage the winners with cash pries. The tournament is held on a weekly basis; the service organizes both paid tournaments (participation requires a cash contribution) and completely frees tournaments. It is held under certain conditions.
  • Only one thing about resources is missing. It is a small group of resources that only covers gold and silver. We hope that the list of available tools will continue to expand for traders in the near future.

IQ Option Demo Account

Profitable trading is impossible without good training of a trader, as well as a long practice whose time and efficiency are improved, details of market fluctuations are known and trading principles are learned. However, at this stage, many small big mistakes are made, because it is a part of training. By developing your trading skills in real life, you will definitely be ruined for running out of money, so brokers have created free demo accounts for free training.

And when you choose a broker company, inexperienced traders will want to know if it is realistic to use a demo account on the platform. It’s the same as the real account, but it works with $10,000 virtual money. There is no need to replenish money in this type of account (a certain amount of money is added after opening), and you will not suffer all the profits and losses, but you can take speculative lessons for trading, which attracts newcomers. However, sometimes professional traders make some criticisms about free accounts for no reason. So are there more professionals or difficulties, and is this method really necessary?

Demo VS Real IQ Option Account:

  • The trading conditions are similar to the actual trading money

Training programs are not different from reality where there are: uniform trading, a common environment, the same set of underlying resources, and the same profitability. You can see an exact copy of the original market but only with virtual money in IQ Option Demo Account.

  • This is a good opportunity to test the service

If you are creating the first step of trading activity and want to study it in-depth, then a demo account can help you a lot. You can deal with assets, try different types of binary options, use additional tools and functions without fear that it will affect your deposit in any way.

  • Learn to trade without investment, which means avoiding all real risks

The training phase is a very important stage for newcomers; it has the opportunity to get it for free, which means it is better not to start investing. Even if you can’t afford to start a real account, you can always enjoy trading in the demo version.

  • Some possibilities to test the service strategy

The skill of using binary options depends on the strategy chosen correctly. But there are many strategies in this. How do you choose the most effective strategy for trading? The best way to find out your strategy is through the mistakes you made in the demo account while trading. If you work with a demo account, this option is good for trading on a real account.

Some Disadvantages Of Working With A Training Account:

  • Profit is a virtual thing.

The joy of a successful transaction will be incomplete if your profits are only vague. Sooner or later, your victory without actual revenue will stop motivating you, because you will have no chance of earning income in front of you. No matter how much you earn, it will not allow you to add money to Real.

  • Less awareness about risk.

Practice shows that when a trader trades in a global warming condition, knowing that all his losses will be unrealistic, he will be at ease. He becomes less attentive to market changes, feels less risky, and often does business without any strategy. But this method will not work properly during real trading.

  • Trade business as a game

If the user is involved in a beta program, the trading process is often considered a game. Traders think it’s fun online entertainment, but it’s not a way to make money in the financial markets. The real goal of the future trader here is not to waste time on the internet, but to actually get some less physical response.

  • The fear of starting real trading in the mind of the trader

The longer a trader trades on a free account, the more addicted he will become and not want to change anything. You have to accept that habit is a powerful force, but habit is not always an advantage. If you open a virtual account, we do not recommend that you use it for more than 1-2 months (in fact, just a few weeks is enough). Once you think that you can actually trade, I would suggest you open a real account and start trading.

Quotex Account types

Register for AN IQ Option Demo Account

Starting a demo account is a fairly simple and unique method. However, the operator provides its clients a demo account without registration with some virtual funds. In fact, you only need to fill in some blank identification information to open an account. Therefore, in practice, you must complete the registration process on the site. The information (login and password to the account) that the broker sends to the specified email address allows access not only to trading activities but also to all other functions of the broker’s resources (the use of which involves registration). Read the complete review of IQ Option Broker on our IQ Option Review page.

So The User Needs To Take The Following Steps:

  • The form must be completed in full.

After clicking in front of you, a registration form will appear, where you will need to select your full name, your surname, your correct email address, and then use a password (it is better to save it in a separate document), which will act as an access token.

  • Accept some terms and conditions

At the bottom of the form, the visitor is invited to select the account option. When selecting a trial version, you must accept the Terms of Service and agree to the Site’s policy.

  • Confirmation of registration

Registration After submitting all data, you should check your inbox messages once. You will receive a letter from the broker with a link in your email. When you follow the link, you will see that your registration process is complete.

The service allows you to use social media accounts for registration. However, it is recommended that you use your correct name so that you do not have to face any problem switching to a regular account at a later stage.

Alternative IQ Options’ free demo account can be used even after registering a different profile and gives you a virtual $ 10,000. This is a normal free account. (Details are shown on the official website). Thus, traders are given the opportunity to test their market strategy and get accustomed to service standards without depositing money. Recently it has become very important that brokers implement the possibility of renewing the free version of the IQ option. So, if you lost everything from the demo account, you can replenish it with a new part of the virtual currency. But it is recommended that you test your skills on a small amount of real account as soon as possible (e.g. $ 1-5 per transaction) while debugging your trading system to get a taste of the real market.

Final Words – IQ Option

Currently, this broker is one of the most attractive brokers in the market. In many ways, the company’s success is due to the trading resources that were originally founded keeping in mind the wishes of existing users. For the future, it would be better to have a wider selection of trading contracts and a wider selection of expiration dates, as this is a beautiful and important moment for all traders. Also, brokers are ideal for those who take only initial steps in this regard and want to test their own strengths as a trader.