IQ Option Deposit and Withdrawal Methods


IQ Option Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

At first glance, the industry may seem complex, but in reality, new entries must have a good understanding of the following concepts:

    • The trader has no access to his financial market and has to apply or register for brokerage services.
    • Brokers open a personal account for depositing clients there with all the information following the specific requirements.
    • Traders use unique platforms to make deals and to get information about currency exchange rates.
    • The trading process is relatively simple. When the price rises a little, the trader buys a currency and trades.

Here are some rules that the market can follow:

    • Prices continue to follow the general trend until there is a sign of reversal.
    • There are three stages in each direction.

Based on the above rules, the following rules may be observed:

    • The power of general tendency directly affects its opposite probability.
    • Rapid price movements are always followed by steady price stagnation.
    • Market conditions cannot remain stable for long. Currency prices are constantly moving in a specific direction.
    • Traders should take concrete courses for marketing (Americans and Europeans are the most liquid).

Marketing features of Fx Trading in UAE

Users are concerned about the rules and regulations of the industry in the UAE because this destination is the most progressive for investors around the world.

Fx trading in the UAE is entirely legal. Therefore, this industry is prevalent among investors and traders who are limited in their capital, but at the same time, the market promises high profits (up to 900%).

The UAE has brokered, but both citizens and foreign residents can choose trusted platforms licensed by other financial regulators. Many brokers have opened their offices in the UAE to understand its economic views.

The excellent news for Emirati business people is that no personal tax is levied in the country, and so it is tax-free for both citizens and foreigners.

When you choose a broker, you should consider the professionalism and disadvantages of each of them. The IQ Option platform is the most innovative and user-friendly platform that provides an efficient interface and many technical tools. The platform also offers Islamic accounts for Emirati merchants. However, there are some special conditions in these accounts. Due to the indicated aspects, this platform has been awarded more than 11 times and is mentioned in the rating of the most popular and reliable brokers in the UAE.

Funding IQ Option Account

The newbie traders can get a demo account after registering with this broker. Demo Account protects new traders from wasting money while learning. It is safe to learn and practice in the Demo Account with virtual money till you become confident to trade with real money. After learning all the aspects of trading and practicing money management, and risk management, you may start trading with real money to earn real profit. All you have to do is deposit money into your account using the available funding methods. The following funding methods are available in the UAE.

    • Debit cards
    • credit cards.
    • E-wallets;
    • Bank Transfers.

Funding the IQ Option account using a Credit or Debit card is the most popular method. The following payment systems can be used for deposits or withdrawals: Visa Card, MasterCard Card (including Maestro), and e-wallets. Fund withdrawal to Crypto wallets is also possible.

The following information is required to deposit funds: card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and card activation code (CVC). Keep in mind that using someone else’s card to make a deposit is strictly prohibited. The cardholder’s personal information is compared with the data in your account by the system.

The popularity of e-wallets as a way to deposit funds into platform accounts is gaining momentum because most countries have short terms and availability for easy operation. Speaking of the UAE, Advcash, PerfectMoney, WebMoney e-wallets are used for depositing funds. Wire transfers are less popular among market participants due to additional fees, but this method can be applied when the first transfers are unavailable for some reason.

Some general requirements for transferring funds to your account

To refill your original account, you must perform the following tasks:

    • Log in to the system with one click and enter your clients’ area.
    • Click the “Deposit” button marked in green as the merchant’s live account.
    • Choose the easiest way to deposit money.
    • Specify a certain amount of money to be transferred to your account (minimum amount is only 10 USD and maximum 1 000 000 USD).
    • Then confirm the deposit by selecting the currency for the transfer and selecting “Proceed to Payment Options.”
    • Choose a credit or debit card if additional information is required (when you select the e-wallet, you will be redirected to relevant payment processing websites).

In addition, IQ Option Deposit requirements include the following:

    • You can deposit funds in different currencies in your account, automatically converted into your account currency. However, once the registration is complete, the currency cannot be changed again.
    • Traders will be able to use the same methods for depositing money as well as withdrawing money.
    • Our customer support service will answer your questions in your native language when you have trouble depositing cash into your IQ option. Unfortunately, you can’t communicate with them 24 hours a day.

Withdrawal of funds from the platform: general recommendations

The trading platform allows you to withdraw funds starting from $ 2, but professional traders follow a specific trading plan.

Fund withdrawal methods are available to traders whose accounts have been verified. Without account verification fund withdrawal is blocked by the system as a measure against money laundering. You will need to submit your scanned ID copy and a picture of your debit or credit card (hide part of a number) and wait for activation approval. This process will usually take three days.

Withdraw money by debit or credit card

Using a card to withdraw money is a somewhat convenient method, but it has some limitations. No trader is allowed to remove more than the amount deposited once. For example, if a user deposited 900 USD on their card, the maximum withdrawal amount would be 900 USD. Other funds will have to be withdrawn completely using alternative methods.

Merchants can use cards issued in any country (except those with which our company does not work). The only requirement is to use your card and not the other.

There is no charge for transferring funds from your account to your bank card, and funds are expected to be received immediately, but processing time depends on the type of bank.

Moreover, some clients do not understand how to use the bank payment system to withdraw from IQ Option. In this case, customer support should be applied using appropriate methods.

Withdrawal of investments to e-wallets

Electronic withdrawals from the IQ Option platform are becoming increasingly preferred in the UAE as there is no limit on additional withdrawals.

After depositing funds through Neteller or Skrill, traders can withdraw as much as they like if they have enough funds in their account. But when a bank card is used to make a deposit, traders are forced to raise funds on the card above all else. This is because bank payment systems are considered a priority by the system.

For example, a trader deposits 700 USD from a debit card and then withdraw 1100 USD. Initially, USD 800 will be removed from that debit card, and the remaining $ 400 can be transferred to the e-wallet.

No fee is charged for 1 to 3 working days during processing.

Quotex Payment Methods

Withdrawing money through bank transfers

For some reason, when the above methods are not accessible, a bank transfer is applied. This method includes additional fees, and the processing time can be extended up to 9 banking days as per the rules and type of bank.

The withdrawal from the IQ Options platform includes transactions with banks in the UAE. Contact Customer Support Services to find out which organizations are most recommended for your asset transfer.

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For fund withdrawal, the following procedures should be submitted:

    • You need to log in to the official website of the platform.
    • After entering the client area, find “Withdraw funds” and click on this option.
    • A swipe menu will open where all available ways are presented.
    • Select the bank card or e-wallet and press the “Withdraw funds” button.
    • Additional information needs to be added to complete the withdrawal process (same procedure for depositing assets) at the end of all.

Once your transaction is confirmed, it will appear in the “Withdrawal Request” so that the trader can know the status of his action. Processed orders receive a group of “sent,” which means your money has been delivered.

In the same menu, a review of withdrawals from the IQ Option platform is presented. In this way, traders can find answers to all their questions and gain a deeper understanding of the terms and conditions of their fund transfer.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.