How to trade successfully in IQ Option?

Freedom is the principal value of our life. In today’s modern world, there is no slavery, but an ordinary citizen is still restricted by many kinds of restrictions, rules, and prohibitions. For example, every person spends a lot of time in their workplace and gets a salary. Therefore, it can be said that ordinary people are not free, and they are looking for scopes to get the most out of their lives.

However, it can be thought – financial freedom will give you some new opportunities. Thanks to all the modern technology, location is not an issue today. Everyone can find their success from anywhere: in Australia, Spain, the USA, UAE – the path to success can be started everywhere. All you need is access to the online site and minimum start-up capital to get started. Of course, it is essential to choose the right broker who will open the door to success for you in the world of online trading. IQ Option is an excellent choice for beginners and professional traders alike.

Seven years of successful service – IQ Option

Online trading has been a popular earner for millions of users over the decades and the United Arab Emirates is not an exception.

There are multiple brokers and platforms available, for every trader it is confusing to select the best online platform to trade. However, IQ Option stands apart among all these online trading platforms with its seven years of service excellence. Forex and Options traders first learned about this site in 2013. The company was then the first to be officially registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. From then on, the company started on the path to success.

The core policy of the site was to ensure customer care, a high level of profit, and maximum reliability.

These and other things have become the foundation of true success. Today, IQ is one of the leaders in the options segment, with an excellent reputation and an army of millions of customers who value the company for its capabilities.

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Benefits list of IQ Option

Succeeding and winning a solid competition for leadership is not an easy task. But IQ Option Broker has been successful in just a few years. This success has been possible because the company has a large number of facilities.

Regulation and Compliance

The IQ Option site was officially registered in 2013 V on the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company has all the necessary paperwork and an international license, which allows you to work legally in almost all world countries. So UAE business people can’t worry – all their profits will be legal and official.


One person can be wrong thousands of times. But forty million customers can’t be bad.

Today, the number of IQ Option users is much higher. Every day, more than thousands of transactions are made on this trading site, and the number of transactions per month exceeds more than 300 million. Also, in particular forums, users share their opinions about brokers’ reliability, strengths, and weaknesses. And here, IQ options have an excellent reputation.


IQ Option’s top priority is security. The company always uses the latest programs to protect personal information. For example, the SSL 3.0 protocol performs all tasks using a complex dynamic 256-bit code to encrypt their data. Therefore, a business owner in the UAE can concentrate on trading without fear of being the victim of a scam. For more information, I recommend reading the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents so that you can easily understand everything (link at the bottom of the site).

Professional design

Real masters worked to create the official site. The page’s design is attractive at first glance, and about 17 language versions allow you to get acquainted with trading as comfortably as possible.

In addition, the service has an excellent layout, so users who do not have much computer experience can evaluate its usability. Finally, if you have any problems navigating your site, a support service will help.

Registration for all

A UAE user who is over 18 years of age is required to become an IQ Option customer. The registration process is totally free and very easy for beginners. You must first go to the official website (, click on the “Trade Now” button, then click on the Welcome link after specifying personal information.

About three hundred assets

IQ Option allows customers to make big money in any convenient way. A new trader gains access to three hundred assets, including cryptocurrency, currency, precious metals, currency pairs, company shares, and raw materials. Moreover, thanks to leverage, clients can enter forex trading and make large transactions with maximum profits.

More profit

Big money though IQ Option is legitimate and convenient. Because the average profit of a successful transaction is more than 70-80 percent, many professional traders in the UAE earn around 200-300% profit daily. The path to much greater success begins with a small step – there is a minimum transaction limit of $ 1.

Low risk

Each trader from the UAE opens a demo account and first practices trading there for free. There is no fear of any financial loss through this.

There are 10,000 virtual dollars deposited in the account through which you can trade. Of course, they won’t get real benefits from now on, but they will get an excellent opportunity to practice trading. In addition, a free demo account will help you learn all the ins and outs of forex trading and develop strategies.

Replenish the deposit

This is when the first real deal starts. To do this, a user in the UAE will need a small amount of capital (the minimum deposit amount will be $ 10). Deposits can be made through reliable and popular payment systems such as Blockchain, PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Visa, Coinbase, and Maestro. The transaction takes only a few minutes to process and does not take any commission during the exchange.


You can start the path to financial success through the IQ Option Tournament. The bottom line is straightforward – a client in the UAE buys a ticket ($ 4-20) and gets 1000 virtual dollars on deposit. Its job is to make maximum profit for the allotted time (several days, weeks, and months). Prize funds range from $ 3,000 to $ 20,000 and are distributed among the most successful participants.

Account Verification and KYC norms


When a user withdraws money, he has to go through various procedures due to security. First, he provides copies of documents (passport or driver’s license) to security officers. Then, the staff of the share company carries out the analysis within more than 36 hours. Now, stock profits will be paid only to verified accounts with a real first and last name.


The IQ option allows all users in the UAE to trade at any time. In the morning, afternoon, evening, or night – the platform is always open to customers. However, only Forex Exchange 0.00 is available from Monday to 24.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – closed days.


All you need to trade without any boundaries is a smartphone with Forex applications downloaded and installed. The program works with all modern devices, phones, and tablets (iOS and Android) and can work great even in the weakest conditions of the Internet.

Automated online trading

Let the robot help you to make the asset.

The IQ Option website accepts users from the UAE to connect with a particular program. The robot never rests and runs 24/7. Therefore, it is only necessary to adjust it, and the program will analyze the stock market, offer the perfect deals and choose the ideal time of expiration.

Some Information

Place your finger on the pulse and move forward. The IQ Option website has a unique option where professional traders share their experiences, analyze popular strategies, find articles, etc. Also, go to the FAQ section to learn more about the world of online forex trading (the link is a footnote on the site).

Know About a Wide range of settings

Make trading an amenity and convenient as possible to the wide range of settings. Each chart may be different because a user in the UAE can add any indicator and signal that they deem necessary.

Premium features

Get the most out of your actual or premium account with the IQ option. For example, a gold client has the opportunity to confirm the transaction, consult a personal assistant, withdraw money quickly, participate in premium tournaments, and receive a large percentage of the profits from the marketing.

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Important information about the Forex market

The IQ Options website offers clients of Forex trading in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Forex is an international financial trading market founded in 1916. Here different types of currencies are interbank exchanged at affordable prices. Forex participants come from all over the world, not just private traders. Forex participants come from all over the world, not just private traders. The central banks of different countries, commercial, financial institutions, and various investments and other funds make profitable transactions here.

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If I want to trade Forex, then why should I be an IQ Option Client?

International financial markets Forex only deals with many large transactions. As a rule, the minimum transaction here is 10,000. However, not all private traders can complete such transactions. Therefore, the IQ option offers leverage. In addition, it means that the platform allows customers to use the company’s assets. For example, by closing a deal for $ 10,000 with a power of 1: 100, a user in the UAE pays only $ 100, and $ 9,900 is the IQ Option money. Thus, this method allows you to reduce risk and increase profits.

How does the forex market work?

The management principle is simple – Forex trading is in currency pairs, which UAE traders freely choose. Here one currency acts as a commodity while another currency acts as a means of payment. The main task of the stock market participant is to purchase cheap, to sell at a higher price. The transaction can be closed by both parties:

When a coin is bought, its value decreases, and it sells on time after the rate increases; When the exchange rate is at its highest level, buy a large amount after the price decline if the price is likely to rise again.

How can I become a successful businessman?

Users of any IQ option in the UAE can succeed in Forex Trading. The successful trading secret is continuous progress, careful planning, and analysis of each event. The UAE’s central assistant trader is the economic calendar, which shows all the critical events in the world and specific countries that can directly impact exchange rate changes. This tool is characterized by extensive functionality. It can be customized according to the duration of the display and the degree of importance of the events.

Also, we recommend that you learn how to distribute money. Remember, a professional trader does not bet on one horse. In addition, the maximum value of a transaction should not exceed 5% of the bank.

What is the difference between binary options trading and forex trading? 

Forex trading is a speculative trade. An IQ alternative client in the UAE wants to buy currency at a lower price and sell more. There is no very high income when trading binary options. The average profit of a successful transaction is about 20%. But the risk here is much lower, which allows you to earn legally for a more extended period.

What is the most effective forex strategy?

You need to understand that there is no such thing as a winning strategy. The world of trading is evolving, so you always have to “continue.” It would be best to always be on the lookout for new news, keep trying new strategies on a demo account and make progress. There are several strategies that professional traders use to trade in Forex trading.

Trading on-trending time;

  • InsideBar;
  •  News-based trading;
  • 10 points and Martingale;
  • Envelopes + Bollinger Bands;
  • RSI and MACD Strategy;
  •  Momentum + SMA.

 How do I become an IQ Option customer?

This option is reserved for all users in the UAE. The process takes a few minutes and several steps.

  • You need to go directly to the official website; 
  • Click there “Start Trading” button at the top of the screen; 
  • Provide personal information such as username, password, email address, or phone number 
  • Agree to the terms of the company by clicking the yes button; 
  • To complete the registration steps, you will be followed by a link to the mail address or enter the secret code to your registered mobile number. 

How do I start forex trading?

Each new IQ Option client accesses all functionality, including the ability to trade in Forex. To do this, you must:

  • You have to log in to your online trading account;
  • The deposit must be replenished (minimum amount – 10);
  • Select the “Trade” button and the “Forex” function;
  • It would help if you select a suitable currency pair;
  • Create a forecast and conclude a deal (minimum transaction limit $ 1).

The Forex Exchange starts trading at 0:00 on Monday and closes at 0:00 on Saturday. In wintertime, the schedule is shifted by 1 hour: from 1:00 to 1:00. That is – nothing stops you on the path to success through IQ options and forex exchanges.