Bitcoin Trading with IQ Option

IQ Option Bitcoin Trading – Fastest way to trade Crypto

Cryptocurrency trading, specially Bitcoin is popular among the traders in the UAE. IQ Option platform brings Bitcoin trading within the reach of all the traders whether with large or small capital.

the  Of course, it’s nice to make a profit from your hobby (like painting, books, or music), but what if your favorite activity doesn’t make money? Unfortunately, the global economy has been built so that most people are forced to live from paycheck to paycheck, often giving up happiness.

However, an intelligent and active person with advanced intelligence can achieve success everywhere. Especially in the modern world, it is much easier to access unique technology—no matter where you are today – in the UAE, Korea, Canada, or Australia. The first step on the path to success is to choose a good partner.

IQ Option offers traders a significant advantages while trading Bitcoin. You can trade BITCOIN CFD and Bitcoin digital options on IQ Option trading platform.

The path of an Industry leader from a small platform – IQ Option History

The modern world is moving very fast. It was used for decades to gain an excellent reputation and popularity. But successful solutions bring success much quicker.

IQ Options have been operating in the trade market for only eight years (it started in 2013 on the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines), but there are already a large number of traders around the world who (including Arab users) have opted for this trading platform.

At first, it was a small trading company, which became a market leader for its work and responsible attitude towards customer care. With millions of subscribers, thousands of positive reviews, and thousands of transactions every day – these are all part of the work of the IQ Options site. These are the successes and stories that are being created today. And every Arab user can be a part of this success by signing up for Bitcoin trading with IQ Option.

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The main advantage of trading Bitcoin on the IQ Option platform

Winning the fierce competition for customers and becoming one of the leaders in Online Trading after just seven years is not easy.

However, this is not surprising, as IQ Option offers a massive list of benefits that every trader in the UAE will appreciate.


Few people believe that most of the profits come from illicit trading. But that’s not the case – IQ Options have all the necessary licenses and officially operates in the UAE. Moreover, its platform provides high profits for every successful trade. Therefore, United Arab Emirates traders can make successful trading on Bitcoin without violating local laws with IQ Option.


That’s right – working with the IQ Option trading platform is profitable. Each profitable transaction can increase your bank account by 75-85%. Moreover, there are unique options where the expiration time is only 1-5 minutes. Its daily profit reaches more than 200-300%;


Such friendly conditions attracted a large number of online traders from different countries, including Arab users. More than 40 million people have already subscribed to IQ Option, and the monthly transaction volume has exceeded $ 300 million;


It would be beneficial if you did not worry about your money. All passwords, payment system information, transactions, etc., from the account, are encrypted using 256-bit SSL protocol code. This type of protection completely prevents hackers, so the fraudster will not recognize your data and will not steal your money;


This is another security measure. After paying the winnings, each Arab business person must provide an identity card (passport or driver’s license). This method allows us to guarantee the trader’s profit and not the fraudster who has learned the password from his account;

Design and functionality

The start page of the site is interestingly beautiful and convenient. The eye enjoys an attractive color scheme, and a nice layout helps quickly find the desired section (not all users have a rich computer experience). In addition, Arab clients can choose their mother tongue and make trading more comfortable;

Minimal Risk

Thanks to the exceptional functionality of the demo account, Arab clients can reduce the risk. In this case, you will be paid 10,000 in a demo account for trading. Free Demo Account Money can be used for transactions, which allows you to choose the best strategy without losing your own money;

Convenient funding and withdrawal methods

If the Arab user decides to make real money, he will have to pay the deposit. It has credit card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, electronic wallet Neteller, PayPal, WebMoney, cryptocurrency, or Skrill. The minimum deposit amount is just $ 10, and the minimum transaction size is $ 1;


To become a client of IQ Options and start trading in Binary Options or Cryptocurrency, the user has to be 18 years of age. Thanks to the easy registration process and minimal deposit, it has become easy to trade Cryptocurrency with small investments. The traders get an opportunity to make a huge potential profits.

Tradable Assets

The platform offers to trade any asset available. The user gets access to more than 300 assets on Binary and Digital Options. These include various currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies (you can buy Bitcoin at a friendly rate), stocks of well-known companies, raw materials or precious metals;

Customizable Charts

Trading is becoming more friendly and efficient thanks to its wide range of settings. An Arab user can add to his chart any signals and indicators he deems necessary;

Trade 24/7 online

The IQ Option site will be available 24/7 instead of the standard offline exchange operated from Monday to Friday. It allows you to make money at any time; trading in binary options is your primary income or a lucrative hobby that brings in extra income;

Trade on the Go – Mobility

An advantageous mobile app for iOS and Android devices can allow Arab clients to trade anywhere. The primary condition is to have an internet connection. Even with a low internet signal, the program works steadily and provides convenient trading to the user;


The service helps traders to progress and gain new knowledge. The page has a section with helpful information (the link is in the site’s footer). For example, it contains the advice of professional traders, a thorough analysis of new and vouge strategies, etc.


This is a special offer that allows you to make big profits by competing with other users. It is good enough to purchase an entrance ticket ($4-20), get a virtual thousand dollars, and make the maximum profit for a certain period. A large prize fund goes to the winners;

VIP Account

Owners of a VIP Account have easy access to additional features. These include increasing profits on transactions, participating in special tournaments, assisting personal managers, insuring transactions. Thanks to the IQ Option, you always get more.

Instructions for registration on the IQ Option website

So, it can be said that IQ An option is the best choice for an Arab trader. It remains to become a client of a popular platform and go through general registration. This method is free, accessible to all adult users, and takes minutes.

  1. The official website address of the company is, see it;
  2. There is a “Sign Up” button at the top of the screen – click on it;
  3. Specify personal information (name, email address, account password). For quick registration, the option to import data from a Facebook or Google profile is available;
  4. Obey the rules of service;

Check that email will be sent to your email address and follow the welcome link – you are now a new client of the IQ Options platform.

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History of Bitcoin trading

In today’s world, speed, convenience, and reliability are valued. As a result, online traders are willing to pay dearly for an instant and secure transaction from the UAE to India, from Japan to Argentina.

Banks that process each transaction for several days and may refuse or freeze funds are the wrong choice. So the Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto thought, creating Bitcoin in 2008.

It is the first and most famous asset (a currency with no notes or coins but a complex mathematical code), allowing you to complete a transaction and ensure its security quickly. If he does not have a separate key for access, no one will track or block the transaction. Therefore, cryptocurrencies using the special hash function SHA-256 have become very popular all over the world. Over the years, its value has gone from a few cents to $ 20,000. Today, a coin costs $ 9500-9800.

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

How can I make money in bitcoin trading?

Thanks to IQ Option, every Arab person in a business can make money. The platform provides various profit options.

  • Course changes: The value of Bitcoin is changing every second. If a user can predict the development of the situation, he can follow the “buy cheaper, sell at a higher price” policy. Buying cryptocurrency at the lowest rate and selling at the highest rate will be a good profit;
  • Call / Put: One of the most popular forms of trading. The user must predict how the asset (bitcoin) will change over some time (full time). If it increases, the call option is selected;

If it falls, then Put is selected. An accurate forecast makes money;

  • Touch / No-Touch: The basic principle of this type of trading is to predict whether the course will reach a specific price (touch – yes, no – touch – no). If the “touch” condition is chosen and the forecast is correct, Arab traders can profit here without expectancy for the expiration time;
  • In / out: The border (upper and lower values) is chosen for the selected asset. For example, the current value of a currency is $ 9,500, and the lower and upper points are $ 9,000 and 10,000. The trader analyzes the situation and predicts that the price will be within a specific range (in) or after some time will be behind them (out);
  • Digital options: Long-term option. The expiration time of the transaction is one day, a week, or even one month. This reduces the risk and allows the situation to be carefully analyzed before forecasting;
  • Turbo-Options: It is a high-risk but profitable tool. End time 1-5 minutes. Therefore, this option is recommended for professional users who know how to work in stressful situations.

How to get bitcoin in IQ Option?

The company will allow you to replenish your cryptocurrency or buy them after registering on the IQ Options website. To do this, the platform client needs to take some simple steps.

  1. Go to the official page of the exchange and log in to your account (or go through the registration process);
  2. Synchronize cryptocurrency wallet with the service payment system. The site collaborates with popular and reliable systems: Jaxx, Coinbase, and Blockchain;
  3. Choose the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen;
  4. This time select the “Crypto” item and the “Buy” option;
  5. Then indicate the amount of the transfer purchase;
  6. Then accept the terms of service and confirm the request;

Everything is done, waiting for the operation to end. The average transaction processing time is 22-25 minutes. An Arab client does not pay extra commission when buying Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Also, in case of problems, we recommend that you read the answers to the questions in the “F.A.Q.” section or contact the support staff available 24 hours a day.

Which cryptocurrency is legal tender in UAE?

Don’t worry; you will not violate the country’s laws by buying, selling, or trading Bitcoin on the IQ Options website. Any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is legal in the UAE. In addition, the company pays all taxes, is officially registered, and has an international license. Therefore, you can safely and quickly make big money for the IQ Option platform.

Some tips for successful traders

Of course, there are no strategies that are constantly gaining. However, many Arab users have made trading in IQ Options their primary source of profit. So you too can become successful if you follow the advice.

  1. Find out more information. It is essential to progress, learn the news and keep up constantly. Consult with professional traders if desired, practice some new strategies (on a demo account);
  2. Low risk. If you need to choose between a big profit and a small risk – choose the second option. Of course, you will earn less, but the potential loss will not be so significant;
  3. Correct stop loss. Nonprofit transactions need to be stopped in time. Don’t give in to the excitement, and don’t try to win back or become omnipresent. Often, this path goes bankrupt;
  4. After a failed period, it is best to take a break and analyze the errors. This will allow them not to be repeated in the future and will make trading more efficient;

Money management. Remember, a professional trader does not bet on just one horse. The amount invested in any trade should not exceed 1 to 5% of the available capital for a better risk management approach.