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Binary Options Robot is one the best auto trading software for binary traders in the world. We have many reasons to make such a claim as you will see when you go through this Binary Options Robot software review. First of all, you will be interested to know that the software does not require any downloads, as is always the case with most of the binary trading software. It is cloud-based hence you can access it from any location so long as you have access to active internet connection and not necessarily through your computer.

Again, the binary software is full of features which are instrumental in better money and portfolio management, charts, market indicators, and risk level settings and much more. In this Binary Options Robot review, we take a detailed look into all the features and also provide you with important information about the brokers which traders can use to enhance higher chances of success with this system. But for you to use any of the broker account supported by this binary robot, you will have to sign up for a new account with that particular broker, and this can be easily done from the Robot’s dashboard.BinaryOptionsRobot

Binary Options Robot, being one of the best trading software on the binary market, introduced new and interesting features which can now be accessed by all traders, irrespective of the broker that one has signed up with. This has in effect increased the versatility of the robot, making it accessible to traders with different brokers, and in essence helping many people succeed in binary options, irrespective of their skill levels.

New benefits of Binary Options Robot

From this moment, traders using Binary Options Robot will have a pop up window appearing each time a trading signal appears on the market. The trader will then be given a chance to accept the trade or cancel the binary signal provided by the trading algorithm.

With the pop up window, there is no room for mistakes, since the “trade” button is color coded in green and the “cancel” button is color coded in red. This new feature introduces new possibilities for better portfolio and money management for the traders. Traders will also have the pleasure to trade comfortably and make profits while at the same time having total control of their time. Since the traders can now accept or cancel signals, they now have more important role in the entire automated trading process.

Special Features of the Binary Options Robot

It would be a good idea to start the review with some of the most distinguishing features of the Binary Options Robot. The robot has been described as the next generation of web technology being operated from the server side, thus negating the need for traders to download it and run it from their computers.

Binary Options Robot has a backend connection to the brokers’ API and it seamlessly connects with the trader’s preferred broker without any intervention by the traders. It is however important to reiterate that traders will have to create a new account with the brokers due to the fact that the Robot cannot work with already existing accounts.

What is the implication of this for the traders? Well, it simply means that traders will first sign up with the Robot, choose their preferred broker from the options available on the dashboard, make a deposit to the broker and switch on the broker at the Binary Options Robot dashboard. Traders also have the ability to use additional settings which enables them to fine tune their portfolio trades, as discussed in the below sections of the Binary Options Robot review.

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After everything is set and Binary Options Robot is ready to start auto trading

Various brokers are supported by the Binary Options Robot software and traders have the versatility to choose no not just one broker, but multiple ones as the same time. It is also good to note that new brokers keeps getting added on a regular basis, ensuring that traders will never be in lack of the brokers to choose from. Currently, the brokers available from the dashboard include-:

  • Binary BrokerZ
  • 24Option
  • 10Markets
  • Banc De Binary
  • OptionFM
  • PlusOption

The Trading Interface

As mentioned previously, this is cloud based binary software, and since it was designed by the trader in mind, the Robot not only has a high success rate in the industry, but also it is an easy to use software and has awesome features to facilitate the customization of money management and the trading portfolio all at the same time.

Once a trader opens an account supported by the brokers from the Binary Option Robot dashboard, the trader will access all the features presented in a nice and intuitive manner. They also have the option to choose between multiple brokers and even trade with all of them at the same time.

Daily Stop Loss

Through the Binary Options Robot, traders are able to set the daily stop losses, or simply the amount of money they are willing to risk in a given day.

Maximum daily trades

Traders are also free to define the total number of trades they wish to take in a day. Once this number is reached, the robot will cease placing trades immediately until the next day.

VIP Account Features

With a Binary Options Robot VIP account, traders are able to access more functionalities and features, including but not limited to the following-:

  • Strategy – traders have up to four strategies to choose from and each is designed with a different algorithm to analyze the market on the behalf of the trader. Traders are free to choose one or more strategies at the same time.
  • Expiry Times – VIP account holders can also choose if they want to work with options that expire in 60 seconds or those that last the whole day.

It will interest you to note that all the above features are available for free of charge with Binary Options Robot, unlike other similar services where account holders would be required to pay extra in order access the VIP features.

Binary Options Robot Support

The robot has an amazing support in English, and it is active every day of the week from 8.00am to 10.00pm through live chat or emails via the online form. Binary Options Robot also has a comprehensive FAQ section where traders can find responses to some of their queries before they contact support.

Binary Options Robot and Banking Options

It is very simple to deposit with brokers via the Binary Options Robot dashboard. After signing in traders need only to click on the deposit button on the dashboard, then choose their payment service and make the deposit directly on the broker’s page.



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