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Although Binary Options trading looks quite simple to understand and trade, it carries high risks of losing the capital. Binary options offer a high payout of up to 70% – 90% * return on your investment instantly for a successful trade. But, if you lose the trade, you lose 100% of your invested amount. Hence, while trading Binary Options in UAE, the traders must understand the risks involved. To become successful in Binary Options trading in the UAE, you must practice proper risk management and trade with discipline while protecting your capital. For practicing Binary Options UAE, you must trade in a demo trading account till you know all aspects of it. IQ Option offers a free demo trading account to binary traders from UAE. You can make use of their demo account to try their advanced trading features without risking any real money.

This website dedicates itself to provide you with all information so that you can start binary options trading successfully.

* Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

Binary Brokers UAE – Regulated Binary brokers in UAE (DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH & ALL OTHER EMIRATES): 

While trading binary options in UAE, selecting the right broker is important and a deciding factor in your success. You must select the broker with excellent track record and service standards. The payouts also vary from broker to broker. You should select the broker with the highest payout while considering the trustworthiness and service quality of the broker. We have analyzed a few brokers with the global reputation of service excellence and trustworthiness, which may help you select the right broker for Binary Options trading in the UAE. Here are few recommended binary brokers in the UAE.

Top rated binary options brokers accepting investments from UAE and the Middle East :

Broker NameBonus Special FeatureReviewVisit Site
iqoption uae
No BONUS due to regulatory compliance.Regulated Broker. Up to 91% payout (Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.)Check reviewVisit-site
olymptrade uaeNo BonusRegulated. Up to 90 % Payout.Check reviewVisit-site
BDSwiss uaeNo BonusCySEC regulated. Up to 85% payout.Check reviewVisit-site
up to 100%Demo trade the Robot before putting in your money.Check reviewVisit-site
up to 250$Regulated Broker. Up to 90% payout. Withdrawal in upto 3 days.Check reviewVisit-site

What is Binary Option:

Binary Options are one of the new and simple financial trading products made available to traders. These are a form of an option that provides a fixed deadline for expiration with a fixed payout. Binary Options trading only has two outcomes for any trade WIN or LOSS. If you win you get up to 95% * return on your investment, but if you lose, you lose 100% of invested amount. 

Binary Options UAE

How to trade binary options:

1. Choose your asset.

2. Make a prediction

3. Select investment amount

4. Trade (by clicking CALL or PUT)


If EUR/USD is trading at 1.12052 and you predict the currency pair will be lower in the next 5 minutes and you want to invest $25?

Find EUR/USD in the broker’s asset list, select the time period of 5 minutes, enter $25 as your investment amount, click on the PUT (SELL) button and the trade is executed. The return on this trade is 85%.

You’ve now predicted that the currency pair EUR/USD will be lower than the current level of 1.12052 in 5 minutes time.

Binary Option Robot UAE

After 5 minutes EUR/USD is trading at 1.12012, lower than the price 5 minutes earlier, when you entered the trade. Your trade gets closed automatically by the broker after the expiry of 5 minutes.

Since EUR/USD was trading lower as you predicted your trade is closed for a profit (known as in the money). The profit for a $25 investment with a return of 85% is $21.25 ($25 x 87% = $21.25) which is credited to your broker account almost instantly.

If your investment amount had have been $100 you would have made a profit of $85 in just this single trade.

There are different expiry times starting from 30 seconds to up to 5 minutes in Turbo Trading option.

And expiry of every 10,15 minutes, 1 hour and 1 day, end of the day also available with many binary options brokers.

Is Binary options trading complicated?

Binary trading is quick and simple to understand, has the potential for high profit, but at the same time, it involves high risk. You may lose the invested amount completely. You would have lost $25 in the above-shown example trade if you were wrong in your prediction. If EUR/USD would have closed above 1.12052, you would have lost the trade and your invested amount $25.

Hence it is very important to manage the risk in binary options trading, in order to be a successful trader.

Binary trading in Dubai, UAE

“I came across this website while searching for “Binary options trading in Dubai, UAE “a few days ago and after that, I deposited $100 into IQ Option and started trading! I am so happy with services and trading features. Thank you !”

==> “Abdul Adel”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Binary Option UAE

* Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.
NOTE: This article/material is not an investment advice.

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